Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Source of Protein

As a semi-vegetarian (I still get occasional cravings for salmon), I'm always being questioned on if I'm getting enough protein in my diet. I never believed the concept that meat is the only source of protein, as studies that have proven that not only we overestimate the amount of protein we need daily, but we can get sufficient amount of protein from plant-based foods as well. Some great representatives include: dark greens, beans, soy, nuts, and quinoa.

Do you have a protein base that you mostly rely on daily? Luckily, I love beans (particularly chickpeas and black beans) and I can munch on them like snacks!


Vegan Restaurant Los Angeles said...

I'm not quite there to make chickpeas a snack, but I do love them. Lot's of hummus. Love quinoa too. I make a mean Italian quinoa salad.

Jules said...

I eat tons of chickpeas and peanut butter. So good! Quinoa is pretty awesome too, since it's a grain and a complete protein all in one :)