Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nature's Candies

What's your favorite candy? Mine? That wold be nature's candies - fruits.
Yes, I never thought of fruits adn a sugary addiction, but ever since I weaned myself away from HFCS-invested candies, my cravings for Now & Later, M & M or Skittles also got banished. Now, when I'm craving for something sweet and tart, I grab a piece of fruit, but my very very favorite would have to be apple. Why? I love...

*texture - crisp, crunchy, and a bite to it
*taste: sweet, moist, and tart

There are so many variety of apples, but I prefer Red Delicious and Fuji, but when it comes to cooking with this amazing fruits, different type yield better results. For example:

Red Delicious: salad
Granny Smith: baking pie, sauce
Braeburn: baking
Honeycrisp: baking
And of course, apples are great by themselves. So munch or crunch away!

"How do you like them apple?"
Check out this great website for more apple information.

1 comment:

Yvo said...

I love Fuji apples the best... I love them after a good workout/run :)