Friday, May 1, 2009

Organic Shopping List

With all the recent bacteria outbreak and now the ominous H1N1 (aka swine flu) scare, you can't help it but wonder what should we put into our mouth nowadays. Recent studies have shown that some produce items are more subjected to pesticide contamination than others. These 'dirty' produces are actually some of my favorite food in the whole wide world, so knowing that I shouldn't be eating them just really saddens me. However, by going organic, you can avoid the germs and chemical residues and safely consume the fruit of the looms. But I understand that not everyone can afford to buy organics items, but if possible, do buy these organic because really, if we literally see the germs on the skin of these produces, that would surely convince us to splurge a little to keep our health.

Fruits: Peaches Vegetables: Celery

Apples Lettuce

Nectarines Spinach

Strawberries Pepper

Nectarines Potatoes

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