Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pineapple cake

It's my best friend's birthday, so what should I get her? What should I buy for her? Today, when we think of presents, we often resort to what to 'buy'. Oh, let's get an iPhone for her birthday or let's just treat her to brunch and the worst (in my opinion)? The extremely impersonal gift card. It's almost as thoughtless as cash, but a step up because at least it takes efforts to purchase the gift card.
I prefer to create things for special occasions. Not because I'm cheap (although I'm on a budget) or I've nothing better to do, but I find joy in making things, especially with baking. When I was little, I used to make cute, little stationery gadgets for my elementary school teachers. Thought they could make good use of them. I also enjoyed knitting friendship bracelets for my BFFs. You remember those jewelries, right? However, I was never into folding roses. Too 'typical' you may say.
So for my best friend's birthday, as always, I made her baked goods. Previously, I've done banana bread (one of her all-time favorites), molasses cookies (quite easy to make!), and pumpkin pie. This time, I've got canned pineapple in hand, so I thought I could give pineapple cake a try.
Not too difficult to make. Just got to make the batter, pour it with the fruits and then bake it. This one isn't hers. The one I gave her is actually more presentable. This one is for my mom. No, not Mother's Day present, since I'll be treating her to brunch. Hey! I always make her things, so I'm not eating my words. :)
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Finally, some sun!


The Thrifty Gourmet said...

Cute :) I'm all for making things too. Even as simple as a mixed CD. It comes from the heart and means so much more than a purchased gift. Try Moroccan preserved lemons in a mason jars. They keep well and add a lot of character to most dishes. I'll post the steps soon.

FitFoodie said...

Sounds good and easy! I think I'll try that and maybe add some coconut...yum :)