Saturday, January 24, 2009

Afternoon munchies

Eeek! Even with eating a substantial lunch, I always get the mid-afternoon munchies. I try not to overdo it and I try to incorporate protein (for sustaining power), carb (sense of filling) and veggies (fiber) together. Do you succumb to your afternoon munchies (if you have one) or do other things/activities to distract yourself?


Oh She Glows said...

Luckily while at work I only have a certain amoutn of food that I pack in my lunch! This helps control afternoon munchies really well. I try to save a snack for 4pm from my lunch to tide me over til dinner.

Gar said...

I guess my problem is that I'm home early, so I have too many temptations around...even though most are healthy. :)