Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Julie & Julia

I'm going to take a break from writing about my trip to Turkey to chat about a recent movie I saw - "Julie & Julia". As I don't have much disposable income, it takes a lot for me to invest $12.50 on a 2+ hour movie. But...because Meryl Streep is an amazing actress, plus the opportunity to see lots of food porns (instead of watching the Food Networks), I decided to indulge myself a bit and watched this movie alone. I also haven't gone to a movie theatre alone for a long time and actually, I quite enjoyed it. I got to rest my bags in the seat next to me instead of placing items by my feet. I could concentrate on the movie. I might actually go back alone soon. It's like dining solo. It could be very rewarding and enjoyable.

Back to the movie. Lots of reviews have mentioned that the Julia portion should've elaborated more, but because this IS a movie based on a book by Julie Powell and not a documentary about the lovely Julia Child, this justifies the equal balance between the two heroines. I thought both actresses did a fabulous job. Meryl Streep, of course, resurrected Julia Child's spirit, voice, and composition. I remembered the first time I watched Child's cooking show. I must admit, I was a bit afraid of her. She's not your typical prettied-up chef; rather, she's hunchbacked, has an alto tone voice, and a bit disheveled hairstyle. But her genuine personality and charismatic humor won me over. She made mistakes (like we all do) and admitted them. She made the kitchen fun and the most difficult recipe 'easy' to recreate (although I probably would be too afraid to cut a lobster). While watching the movie, I do secretly wished to see more Julia than Julie, but that's another story

I also was touched by the love relationships - Julia and her husband (Paul) and Julie and her husband (Eric). They are loving spouses who supported their wives' dreams and career. I also especially enjoyed the great passion between Julia and Paul and you could tell they treated each other as equal individuals.

While most French foods are probably too heavy for my weak stomach (lotsa 'butta' and vino), the French's attitude towards food should be noted. They celebrate and embrace food rather than the American way of calorie measurement and food categorization.
Julie & Julia could be seemed as a chick flick, but to me, it taught me two things: food brings people together and if you stick to your goal, you'll prevail.


Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

great review! I haven't seen the movie yet!!! I plant to though.

Gar said...

Yea, it's a charming movie. Very sweet. Let me know your thoughts after you see it. :)

Amy said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for visiting.

Good movie review. I've heard mixed ones about it and am unsure whether I want to spend the hefty ticket prices, as well - maybe a rental in my future.

I'm more jealous that you got to see it alone. With two small children, I don't get a lot of time to myself!

Gar said...

Hi Amy,

If we were close by, I'd be honored to babysit for you. :) Haley is adorable!

Amy said...

Thank you! That's so kind of you to say. I think she's super cute, too. But I've decided it's a prerequisite that comes with the birthing process...you have to think your own kids are cute, otherwise you might kill them. Like in the wild!

The Food Hunter said...

This is on my list of must see movies. thanks for the review