Monday, April 20, 2009

My Favorite Part...of a Loaf of Bread

We generally like things that come in a package, but thanks to human nature, favortism drives us to single out certain things. Case in point. You may love your significant other's particular sense of humor, wealth, or just the bright smile. At your home, you may feel the most comfortable in the kitchen where you can carry out a culinary therapy session.

Now that we're talking about food, well, a 'food' has its own personality as well. Whether it's crunchy, sweet, savory, mushy, hard, smooth...the descriptions can go on and on. Food critics like to 'dissect' flavors and texture and I like to 'physically' dissect my bread. Now I'm not going to do a surgery, but there are certain elements of the bread that I prefer. Some people like the doughy, soft innard, while others favor the ends. I love the ends too, but I particular love the crust. I always look for a hard exterior so I can 'skin' the crust and leave the soft portion for my family. It's a selfish deed. :)

So what's your favorite part of the bread and what kind of bread do you buy/bake/like?


Anonymous said...

hey :) just saw your comment about protein bars and i guess i would have to say i agree with you but i'm a bad example because in a hurry i quickly resort to bars, so as long as the ingredient list are ok, i'm ok w/ eating them, although i know that eating "real food" is a ton better, i just can't let go of my bar habit!

The Dainty Pig said...

oooh! I love the crust too! I like a really hearty dense loaf of bread, full of nuts and seeds, and mixed whole grains. Rye bread is always yummy too, and same with sourdough.