Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to deal with stress?

We all deal with stress almost on an everyday basis. Whether it's school, work, relationship, or health, it's one of the driving forces in our daily activities. Stress can be a good thing because it motivates us and keeps us at a flight-or-fight mode. But when it's excessive, as in anything, it's dangerous for our health and mentality.

I've been undergoing some stress lately and I'm trying out different things to ground myself. There are lots of recommendations out there, such as exercise (walking in the park, swimming, joggin...), listening to music, a healthy diet (food that beats stress), communicating with friends and family, or maybe even seeking professional help.

Stress is a tricky thing too. Is it something you put upon yourself or influenced by the external environment? We need to be truthful and find out the source of the stress before we can relieve it. I also find that staying away from technologies (email, TV, Internet...) helps to refocus myself. Just imagine a reclusive life. You'd have no cell phone, no TV and definitely no Internet. See how peaceful it could be? It might be difficult at first, but I think it's worth a try.

Any other ways you use to de-stress? Would love to hear your sharing.

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