Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Macarons!

There's Mother's Day, Hot Dog Day, Hot Chocolate Day, so of course, it would make sense to have a Marcaron Day as well! It all started in 2005, when renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé and other members of the prestigious Association Relais Desserts started Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day). So every year on March 20, bakeries would give away free macarons and raise money for a worthy cause.

This is the first Macaron Day year for us in NYC! Some French bakeries around town are offering this sweet, little sandwich to people who love this expensive treat or just to satisfy the thrill of receiving freebies.

I visited two locations and chose two flavors - hazelnut and lemon. I wanted pistachio, but that ran out. :( I'm saving all hard-earned sweets for my mom.



Faith said...

Happy Macaron Day! Both flavors you got sound delicious!

Gar said...

@Faith - thanks! :)