Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CANstruction - Feed the arts and the hunger

CANstruction is a charity among the architecture and design elites. From their website,

CANstruction is "a foundation of the Society for Design Administration (SDA), Canstruction® is a Trademarked design/build competition currently held in cities throughout North America Australia and cities from around the world will soon be participating . Teams of architects, engineers, and students mentored by these professionals, compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from full cans of food. It takes 8-12 weeks and thousands of cans of food to create a structure."

I visited this event a few years ago and that was still in the Curry Hill location. This year in NY, it's heald in the World Trade Center building. Perhaps a better idea as it's more accessible to both tourists and the locals.

On views were statues of themes created with...of course, canned (and some bottled) goods. Some were really fun to analyze or to ponder upon, yet some did lack a bit of creativity. One of the structure that stood out to me was the pumpkin pie, especially since Thanksgiving is arriving soon, though I was perplexed why didn't the design firm use pumpkin cans. I looked a little closer without stepping over the rope boundary, the 'pumpkin pie' was built with Bush's brand of beans. Is that because pumpkin cans are in short resource lately?

PS I was also a good citizen and donated a can of tomato sauce as well. Check out the website! This meaningful charity is held throughout different cities!
PPS You can check out the rest of the structure in my Flickr collection.


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

cool. It is weird that they didn't use pumpkin, maybe it was just made with whichever company donated the cans for it?? I like the palm tree. It seems like it would be the most difficult to construct, being top heavy.

Victoria said...

pumpCAN pie team captain here! The reason it was not made of pumpkin cans was because there is a pumpkin shortage this year. We tried ordering them, but they were on back order for weeks, and there are 1200 of those cans in there too, so thats no small amount. Hope that bit of info helps, we are so happy that people enjoyed our canSculpture!

Gar said...


I read about the shortage of pumpkin this year as well, which is a pity because I love pumpkin. :) I enjoyed the show very much. Keep up the good work! :)